A Glossary of Poker Terms and Acronyms


Whether you are new to poker or have been at the tables for years, there are many terms and acronyms you are likely to encounter. These glossaries are a great resource to help you navigate the field and know what the jargon means.

A cold deck is a card deck that is lacking a few cards, or a few bad cards. In poker, a cold deck is often referred to as a “bad hand.” It can be helpful to understand what a cold deck is before you play a hand.

The A-game is a term used in poker to describe the optimal mental state for playing. A-game is also used to describe a hand, such as the Ace to Five straight flush.

The royal flush is a very strong hand in poker. It is a five-card hand that consists of same-suited cards, in sequential rank order. It can be a very good hand in a lot of games, but a bad hand in a very few.

The straddle is a bet made before the cards are dealt, and if the hand doesn’t hold, the player can continue to bet. In poker, a two-bet is the second bet in a betting sequence. It is a bet sizing less than 50% of the pot. A three-bet is the third bet in the betting sequence.

A squeeze raise is a pre-flop bet that is made against multiple opponents. It is a legal option in draw games, and it is a good idea to make it.

The last ace of a deck is called the case ace. The Royal Flush is the best possible hand in poker, and is a five-card hand that is identical in suit.

A side pot is a pot that has been formed when a player or players are left in the hand. This is a very popular poker term, and it is a good way to think about the number of chips in the pot. It’s important to remember that the number of chips in the pot will never equal the number of chips that have been brought into the pot.

In poker, the bad beat jackpot is a large payout for losing hands. If a player makes the ace-high flush, and then the flush doesn’t come, the player wins the low pot and high pot. A bad beat is an uncommon type of hand in poker, but it is sometimes very difficult to win with one.

A staking system is a way of lending money to a poker player. It’s usually paid back to the player as a percentage of the profits the player makes. This is a great way to get some extra income, and it can help a player get started in poker. This is especially useful when the player is unable to afford to buy in.

The most profitable seat at a poker table is the button. This is the right-hand side of the small blind. The button is also a place where a player can make a steal attempt.