Welcome to mellieha-malta.com 

We are Nick and Flora and we are thrilled to have launched our new business directory for Mellieha and Mgarr.

Mellieha-malta.com is the sister directory of  bugibba-malta.com, which has been established for 4 years and has a huge following with more than 500 visitors a day. 

Our aim is to bring mellieha-malta.com the same success of Bugibba, so that we can give to our members the best online visibility possible!

However what we are doing that is actually our strength is to help our members and the local community to get more visibility thanks to Social Media.

We are committed to updating daily our Facebook Page for Mellieha, click here, with the activities of our Mellieha and Mgarr members!

We have already created a Facebook group, click here, which is free for our members to publish their content basically everyday!

People need to be connected and nowadays Social Media is like a virtual square, where it is possible for everyone to share relevant information about the a community. Quoting one of our Mellieha-malta.com members commenting on our Facebook group,

Most UK villages/towns have there own page for discussion, whats happening whats wrong whats right…some moans and some giggles.. This will be just that…like and share and let this be Mellieha one stop page for all of Mellieha’s Community.

Our mission is to provide the most comprehensive business online directory possible, that is local  and ready to highlight the individuality of each member with customized content and pictures.

Being local means living in the village, so that’s why we have a huge help from Nicky, a lovely lady who lives in Mellieha who has already developed a good relationship with most of the shop owners and the locals.

Thanks to our cost effective membership options now every business, from the smallest shop to the big hotels can improve their own visibility and their online information on mellieha-malta.com

Get Involved!
Let’s help Mellieha and Mgarr be more visible online 
and improve tourists and locals awareness on what’s going on in Mellieha!

Nick, Flora and Nicky are here to support you!

Mellieha-malta.com it’s the Living Directory!


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